About Us

BETAGEN Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry Corporation

Original and Safe Medicine

Production and rapid access to innovative biotechnological drugs for disease and health problems.

High Quality Equipment and Support

Pioneer in the import, sales, installation, and support of medical devices and consumables.

Expert Staff

An organization of experienced, dynamic and experts with new business models, service and excellence centers.

Welcome to BETAGEN

Molecular biology, microbiology, biochemistry, physiology and cell-tissue culture fields, as well as genetic technologies to produce beneficial and safe products to humans and the environment, we deliver to you.

We are working to develop diagnosis and treatment with our R & D studies in soil-water, plant, animal husbandry, agriculture and food fields.

We provide consultancy and technical service with our expert staff in the field of import, sale, installation and training of medical devices and consumables used in biotechnology products and diagnostic laboratories.

BETAGEN Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry Corporation; Muammer BAYDAR, our founder, continues his national and international activities with his 35 years of experience and professional staff primarily for patients, doctors, institutions and organizations in order to create a quality life for human health and a positive environment.

Our Mission

To provide world-wide production, distribution and timely supply of innovative and high value-added biotechnological drugs, and to provide the supply, maintenance and support of medical devices used in production and diagnostic laboratories primarily to ensure a happy, quality life for the people and the environment.

Our Vision

Biotechnological drug production and services; To meet the needs of patients, doctors, institutions and organizations at the highest level with the universal values we have adopted as a principle.